Community Gardens for Food and Nutrition

In the above picture am trying to demonstrate the usefulness of establishing a herbal spiral from where to harvest medicinal plant resources to treat a variety of health problems in the body.

Aloe Vera demonstration garden , aloe Vera has a multitude of benefits both commercial and health benefits for treating skin diseases and other medical benefits

It is a profitable agri business venture capable of improving livelihoods and diets, reducing waste, empowering women and youth, boosting micro enterprises and conserving natural resources. Women will afford a good source of protein that is not meat but tastes better than meat.There are hundreds of identified species of fungi which, since time immemorial, have made a significant global contribution to human food and medicine. Some estimate that the total number of useful fungi – defined as having edible and medicinal value – are over 2 300 species. Although this contribution has historically been made through the collection of Contribution to livelihoods Mushroom cultivation can help reduce vulnerability to poverty and strengthens livelihoods through the generation of a fast yielding and nutritious source of food and a reliable source of income. Since it does not require access to land, mushroom cultivation is a viable and attractive activity for both rural farmers and peri-urban dwellers. Small-scale growing does not include any significant capital investment: mushroom substrate can be prepared from any clean agricultural waste.

Through the provision of income and improved nutrition, successful cultivation and trade in mushrooms can strengthen livelihood assets, which can not only reduce vulnerability to shocks, but enhance an individual’s and a community’s capacity to act upon other economic opportunities.

This project vegetable demonstration farm is very important it demonstrates to the community the need to establish kitchen gardens for their livelihood.
There are few economic opportunities in Bundibugyo so many are left with farming as a source of income. Family nutrition is poor and unvaried, and many families lack a balanced diet which will lead to long term health problems. New economic opportunities, nutrition education and awareness are needed in the community of Bundibugyo to address food security, nutrition and new farming techniques. Bundibugyo soil is fertile and farmers find it easy to plant horticultural crops.

About the Author:

Am Irumba Juma Siriwayo, a community social change worker for aperid of 15 years , Naturopathic medicine practitioner with a vast experience in resource mobilization skills and trained by Schools and Colleges Permaculture Program as a permaculture Designer (PDC COURSE) With a vast experience in establishing school gardens on desert school grounds.

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