Grow Food the Aquaponics Way

All in the picture the requisite materials, needed in aquaponics

Set up the structure, this easy way.With the frame up cut and attach the small container.Cut across the handle and make a big opening in the handle side  and cut a small opening near the top of the other side.This becomes the funnel for the water coming out of the grow beds.Attach all these to the frame with a zip tie through the handle and around the steel bar.Lay the plywood pieces on the horizontal steel bars.These will support the cut litter boxes.

As you make the grow beds,drill a hole 1cm in diameter in the lower corner of both grow beds making sure water can drain into the funnel.

Centre the fish bucket on the lower part of the cart and tie it on

Get some fish and plants you want to grow

However, make it certain there is plenty of light for the inhabitants plants) to thrive

On the other hand, make it certain there is plenty of light for the inhabitants (fish ) to survive

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Zimconserve is a non-governmental organization operating in Zimbabwe.A brain child of myself-Gabriel Mutongi,l am a permaculturist who created Zimconserve to help farmers and schools alike establish permaculture garden designs

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