A three dimensional greenhouse structure can be constructed using inexpensive wooden poles and a thick transparent plastic sheeting.Dimensions could be as small as 15 metres(width)20 metres length)and 3 metres(height)

Having assumed shape,it is now ready for cover sealing it with plastic sheeting right round.

Neat and clean, the greenhouse is now well prepared for it's maiden crop.

It is now ripe for the farmer to plant his crop,be it vegetables or flowers,it doesn't matter, the greenhouse caters for every plant

The results of the greenhouse effect is plain for all to see even to the uninitiated.A healthy lifestyle you can also smile all the way to the bank.

About the Author:

Zimconserve is a local non-governmental organization operating in Zimbabwe.A brain child of myself Gabriel Mutongi-The Founding Director.l am a permaculturist, so l created Zimconserve to help farmers and schools design permaculture garden designs.

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