Simple Steps to Tame the Oyster Mushroom

with these inputs in place a farmer is set for an optimal harvest.straw, containers, plastic bags, elastic bands cotton wool,drum or barrel, gas burner and material liner.

Carefully soak straw ,drain and bag

Heat 40 litres of water in the drum, allowing the steam to rise towards the bagged straw for approximately 60 minutes at 95,°c.Leave to cool, before removing the bags and transferring them to the growing area.

Within clean protective clothing, the farmer should tidy up the growing room,with bleach spray.

At this stage inoculation of the bags must follow

The air tight bags will certainly encourage colonization, thereby letting the spawn take precedence.

At this crucial stage,Mr Farmer is encouraged to monitor proceedings closely Moulds,pests, insects and mice are a threat at this stage.completely infected bags should be removed altogether to prevent spread.

Pinning helps keep optimal humidity.This is effectively done by spraying water with a sprayer.95-100% humidity is recommended.

Thereafter harvesting begins every other week.When the straw is done with, make compost or feed it to livestock.

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Zimconserve is a local non-governmental organization operating in Zimbabwe.A brain child of myself-Gabriel Mutongi.l am a permaculturist ,so l created Zimconserve to help farmers and schools establish permaculture garden designs.

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