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Green Bay Garden Blitz

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What were your biggest successes this season?

We were able to place garden boxes in several community locations which included 4 schools: 2 elementary schools, 1 middle school, and the University of Wisconsin Green Bay, Bay Shore Park, Freedom House Homeless shelter for families, Veterans manor and Neville Museum. This year we installed a total of 71 gardens in public locations as well as residential yards. Since our project began in 2014 we have installed 550 gardens in our community.

What challenges did or does your project face?

Turnover of people on the leadership team that coordinates the project. We partnered with Brown County Extension for the first 5 years of this project and they provided leadership for our mentorship program however this year they can no longer partner with us on this project due to management changes. The project needs a part time staff person to continue.

How are you working to overcome them?

New Leaf foods is in the process of a strategic plan. we are talking with local organizations such as the botanical gardens and the farmory to build relationships so that we can continue the project with these partnerships in addition to finding about americorp and interns.

What did you or your project learn this season that might be useful to others as well?

Building sustainability into a project takes long term commitment. Volunteer burnout makes this project impossible to maintain with out staff. We need to figure out how to get staff hired part time.

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Green Bay Garden Blitz

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Green Bay, WI, USA

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