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JARC Ability Garden

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What were your biggest successes this season?

We expanded the garden, built new beds in new places, and recruited more volunteers than in years past. All of this allowed us to involve more clients with disabilities into the garden program.

What challenges did or does your project face?

The biggest challenge is always financial. The garden program is funded to operate only one day a week. We wish to raise enough money to offer the program several days a week.

How are you working to overcome them?

We will participate in SeedMoney as this is our main campaign each year.

What did you or your project learn this season that might be useful to others as well?

We asked everyone who donated to recruit a friend or family member to donate as well. That way, the buck didn't stop with them.

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JARC Ability Garden

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21150 95th Ave S, Boca Raton, FL, USA

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Kimberli Swann

Kimberli Swann

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