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Loma Portal Elementary STEAM Garden

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What were your biggest successes this season?

The children had a great time working in the outdoors. Many students tried new foods and found they liked them! We sold garden produce at a food stand and raised money for the garden.

What challenges did or does your project face?

We were using a third party company to run our garden program and found it to be too expensive and unreliable.

How are you working to overcome them?

We have chosen to end our relationship with the third party. We have purchased curriculum developed for another local school and are working to institute a robust volunteer system to run it.

What did you or your project learn this season that might be useful to others as well?

Teachers need to be able to rely on whatever program is selected. Rain or shine something needs to fill the time allotted.

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Loma Portal Elementary STEAM Garden

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3341 Browning Street, San Diego, CA, 92106

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