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Rooted in Community/Farmville Community Garden

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What were your biggest successes this season?

We had 12 raised beds built (4' x 16') so we didn't have to plant in the ground again like last year and allow the weeds to take over.

We held a tomato canning workshop for underprivileged campers aged 11-15 using our Roma tomatoes.

What challenges did or does your project face?

We need more volunteers for watering, weeding, harvesting and planting.

We need more raised beds so as to plant some herbs along with the produce. Need a trellis system for those plants that need to climb.

We had fire ants all over all year long. Need Spinosad to help control them and not hurt the humans.

How are you working to overcome them?

We've been getting leads for volunteers. Been advertising in the local newspaper under community events.

We received help from the REFUGE campers called "Erase the Lines." They built 9 of the raised beds, filled them with dirt and placed wooden mulch around them.

We've invited other non-profits to have a raised bed to grow vegetables (Boys & Girls club, Farmville Senior Council and Girl Scouts).

What did you or your project learn this season that might be useful to others as well?

Raised beds were the way to go. Last year we fought with the weeds constantly. But we need more compost dirt to fill the raised beds we have.

Need more raised beds. Need to double stack some beds for the depth to help some volunteers who can't bend over as much. Most are only 10" tall. The one bed that is 24" deep housed potatoes and carrots.

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Rooted in Community/Farmville Community Garden

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4355 W. Cotton St, Farmville, NC

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