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What were your biggest successes this season?

The biggest success was student involvement. My Teach2Grow English Composition class was very successful. For Fall 2017, there was a waiting list to enroll.

What challenges did or does your project face?

The biggest challenge was dispersing the food in the summer. I had a small class of students and an abundance of produce. Next summer, I plan to set up a table at Ivy Tech and hand out free food. This year, we didn't set a specific time for free food pickups.

How are you working to overcome them?

For spring/summer 2018, I plan to advertise free food giveaways dates and times, so students and their families can plan a specific time and date to pick up food.

What did you or your project learn this season that might be useful to others as well?

There are some vegetables that aren't worth growing. This is due to the amount of harvest and the space used. I have a small garden plot and will rethink the vegetable grown for the upcoming year.

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290 Pleasant Street, Noblesville, IN, United States

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