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Thika Children’s Rescue Centre Nutritional Garden

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What were your biggest successes this season?

Through support from SeedMoney, the project has managed to,
1. Install a water pump in the already existing borehole. This has made it possible to irrigate the garden hence increasing the production of vegetables and other food crops.
2. We have been able to establish a tree nursery for the production of fruit tree, medicinal, herbs and agroforestry tree seedling to be planted in the garden, to ensure that the school community is accessing well balanced meals. so far the tree nursery has over 1500 seedlings
3. We have also started a small seed bank for storing the seeds of assorted local food crops. This is to ensure the sustainability of gardening activities with minimal external support.
4. We have managed to scale up training children, teachers and support staff in various gardening techniques like, mulching, pest management, companion planting among others.

What challenges did or does your project face?

The various challenges that we have faced includes,
1. Inadequate amount of water for irrigating the garden, due to less water in the borehole, following the prolonged drought. This has limited our production.
2. Inadequate funds to carry out activities to scale. e.g. we were not able to put up the irrigation system in the entire garden as we had planned, due to high cost of plumbing materials ( pipes, water tank)

How are you working to overcome them?

SCOPE Kenya is doing the following
1. We have planted a small section of the garden which we can efficiently irrigate, using the little amount of water. we are also looking for ways in which we can deepen the borehole, so as to increase the volume of water. Our future plan is to have extra water tank in the garden, with extended irrigation system.
2. We have also been mobilizing local resources like timber among other materials for use in meeting other project needs.

What did you or your project learn this season that might be useful to others as well?

One of the lessons that we have learnt is that,
1. Gardening is a process and not a one off event. putting all practices in use makes it easier to manage the garden and maximize production. mulching is one of the practices that we have embraced. This has made it easier for us to retain moisture in the garden and have managed to produce food using the available little water during the prolonged dry spell.

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Thika Children’s Rescue Centre Nutritional Garden

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Thika Children Rescue Centre, Abduba Stage, Thika, Kenya

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