What Word do you Associate with Gardens?

There are so many words that come to mind for me: love, nourishment, beauty, to name just a few. The word you pick says a lot about who you and where you happen to be in your life at a particular moment in time.  As a younger man, I might have picked “sustainability” because I worked for a number of years for an environmental NGO and gardens for me were a way of reducing the distance that food traveled and therefore my carbon footprint.

I really love this “Respect” message from one of SeedMoney’s grantees in the midwest. “Respect” brings to mind many things at once: respect for one’s self, respect for others and respect for the planet.

The word seems particularly well-suited to the people benefitting from this grant. Their garden project is located on the site of a transition home for women who are working to redeem their lives from past destructive behaviors. The project won a $400 grant from us and raised an additional $1420 using our crowdfunding tools. Those $1800 in funding will grow a lot of healthy veggies and self-respect for some women could use some. If you’re aware of nonprofit cause in your community that would benefit from a garden grant, please send them to our grant website here https://donate.seedmoney.org/



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