Planting Garlic in the Fall

In northern climates experiencing cold, snowy winters, garlic is normally planted in the fall and harvested the following year as a summer crop. Its sowing comes at a moment when there aren’t many other garden tasks competing for your attention which means that you can take the time to do it right and enjoy the process. You will see from the video above and the photos below that garlic is one of the easiest crops to plant. Once you’ve grown your own, you’ll never go back to buying it.

Step 1: Buy some seed garlic

Seed garlic can be purchased online or at farmers markets. You’ll want to look for hardneck varieties as they tend to be the most cold hearty.

Step 2: Break your bulbs up into single cloves. Each clove will grown into a new bulb.

Step 3: Loosen up the soil in your bed for planting

Although your garlic will go dormant over the winter, your cloves will already begin forming roots in the fall and you want to make it easy for them to have the water and nutrients they need to thrive.

Step 4: Level off your beds with a rake 

Step 5: Begin making holes 2 inches deep 

Step 6: Space your holes 6 inches away from each other in a grid pattern

Step 7: Place your garlic cloves pointy side up into the holes and cover with soil

Step 8: Cover your bed with a generous layer of organic mulch (leaves, pine needles, straw, etc.). That’s it!

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About the Author: Roger Doiron

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4 thoughts on “Planting Garlic in the Fall”

  1. I loved loved the video n photos and can’t wait to plant . Covid 19 has cause the grocery store to be void of garlic. Stay safe all n get planting.

  2. Next month I will be getting my first five pullets. 20 months ago I purchased my first house on my own, in my 80th year.
    It’s a craftsman cottage with solar panels and a woodstove to supplement the regular amenities, right in downtown Augusta Maine.
    I have been your fan since you began, and received one of your first grants. What a boost that gave me. Now I am REALLY gardening; thanks for your support, Roger. You really did it.

  3. My plant store does not have any seed garlic now so I bought grocery garlic last year and it was OK. Maybe not a mature large plant like the old days !


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