Tutorial Submission Form


This form is a way for SeedMoney community members to share how-to information through photos and short texts explaining what is happening in each photo. We welcome photo tutorials on a wide range of topics (food gardening, school or community garden management, food preservation, seed-saving, permaculture, the building of garden structures, pest and disease management, irrigation, etc.).

Here are some examples of photo-tutorials already on our website:

To submit your tutorial, please fill out the form below and upload at least 3 photos and blurbs and a maximum of 10. We ask that you only use photos that you took yourself or that you have permission to use (e.g. the photo-taker has given you permission or the photo is in the public domain). Once your content has been uploaded, we will review it, edit it and publish it on our website as a blog post giving you credit as the author.

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By clicking the "Submit" button, I attest that I am the owner/author/creator of the above content and that I am giving SeedMoney permission to edit it and publish it on their website for nonprofit educational purposes with credit given to me.