Making a Keyhole Garden

design keyhole garden compost bin

adding dry material inside the design keyhole garden

adding compost manure on top of dry materials inside keyhole garden

planting kale vegetable seedling on top of ready design keyhole garden

kale seedling start growing in design finish keyhole garden

kale vegetable is ready for cooking

community household member prepared food from the keyhole garden for the feeding

1 year keyhole garden with productive vegetable it

Avery productive community keyhole garden used for commercial purpose

family from a poor dry region were very happy the way keyhole garden are very productive to them as it provide year-round food security for 1 family by providing a fresh vegetable to the family-

About the Author:

Paul odiwuor Ogola

I am Paul Odiwuor Ogola a qualified permaculture teacher and designer, My vision is to Connect People to Nature, Empowering People to Live Sustainably through Permaculture!
I am the founder of community permaculture project called Permoafrica-Centre

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